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My first FST!

Right, so I've been working on this for a good while, and though I was waiting to post it after the anime finally revealed the full version of Bink's Sake, I got it done, and I'm happy with it as is. With all that said and done, I bring you:

One Last Song - A Brook(e) FSTCollapse )

This is my first attempt at making an FST, so tell me if there are any broken links, or if the format's wrong, or anything else really. I tried my best, but sometimes that's just not good enough. ^_^;


D.Gray-Man x 19 + 1 variation

D.Gray-Man batch this round. Kinda in sets as the pictures were either complimentary or the images all came from the same picture (chapter 106's splash, to be exact). Enjoy!

3 "sets" total!
Allen x 3
Rabi/Lavi x 3
Kanda x 3
Linali x 3
Crowley x 1
Miranda x 1
Tiki x 2
Cross x 1
Devit x 1
Jasdero x 1
Alt. x 1


When you're bored, you're bored!Collapse )

Tsubasa x 30

One day I'll put up more than Tsubasa icons, but Tsubasa just strikes my creativity when I'm boooooooooored. Here is a "Sets in fours" post!

7 sets total!
Kurogane x 7
Fai x 7
Syaoran x 7
Sakura x 7
Group x 1
Sakura/Syaoran x 1


The Dream Team!Collapse )


Tokyo Revelations AHOY!

Icons in celebration of the original release date for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Tokyo Revelations OVA (why did it get moved, why?!). Oh well~

Needless to say, there be a boatload of SPOILERZ!!

21 icons total!
Syaoran x 5 (1 alt.)
Kurogane x 4
Fai x 4
Kamui x 3 (2 alts.)
Subaru x 1
Other x 1 <- had to make one fun one, yes?
(A lot were made as intentional compliments to each other *KuroFaicons in particular*)


Why must the spoilers be SO PRETTY?!Collapse )


THE Post, yes?

Right, so I finally went an got myself an Icon journal/community/whatever it's supposed to be. Aren't you proud?! Well, if you know me, you should be, cuz I've been putting this off for a bit. BE PROUD!

It's a comunity, so you're free to join and follow what I put up or, if you somehow get possessed, put up your own icons! I don't care either way, but do be sure if you do get possessed put icons up, that they are behind an lj-cut. I don't care if they're spoilerific, or otherwise, it kills Friends pages not to do things like that. Just be considerate.

Anyhting else...? Hm... I may or may not put up some old (and I mean OLD) icons later. For now, I'll just be posting what I get done on free time and what I enter in contests. That's all for now, enjoy~

Big giant post of reference!

Textures and BrushesCollapse )

ImagesCollapse )

TutorialsCollapse )

This post is constantly being updated for what textures come from where.